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The situation in Greece and the absence of national currency
Category: European Union (EU)

The situation in Greece and the absence of national currency

The Greek government has entered into a three year, 85 billion loan agreement with the Eurozone countries. The economy is in deep recession for the past seven years, the government is essentially bankrupt and the citizens are desperate looking for any job. The political establishment has fully accepted the situation where all meaningful laws are made outside of Greece by the infamous Troika (i.e. the Eurozone governments, the Commission and the IMF).
In this situation, it is only natural for anyone to ask: In the 50s, 60s and 70s the Greek economy was one of the fastest growing and healthiest economies in the world. How is it that the same people three decades later lost their ability to work productively? There are some simple explanations. If we imagine the economy as a passenger car and the government as the driver then the following thinks have happened since the 80s (after Greece becoming a member of EU) and especially after 2001 when Greece adopted the euro as currency.

Date submitted: 17/08/2015
Referenda here and now!
Category: Politics


In our country, there are two kinds of political discussions: Those taking place in public and those taking place in private. When in public (tv, radio, parliament, local councils) the political process seems normal between competing political parties. Nevertheless, when in private (such as discussions at home or at the local club) politics seems completely detached from reality. Our representative politicians appear "people as usual" in public but are considered as "people coming from Mars" when we talk to our friends. The citizens have lost their trust to the political parties who are supposed to represent them! Elections may come and go at local or at national level but the perception remains the same among common people: TRUST HAS BEEN LOST TO THE SYSTEM OF REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY!

Date submitted: 01/11/2012



Should the "permanent" nature of employment (i.e. employment for life) be abolished for all kinds of public sector personnel?
Yes, "permanent" employment funded by taxpayers should be abolished
No, "permanent" employment funded by the taxpayers should stay
I don't know / I am not sure

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