June 04, 2021

“We are entitled to move freely in the city, just like you! We are not magicians”

The TV spot of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece for the Disabled The Central Union of Municipalities of Greece took the initiative to create a short TV message for the unimpeded movement of people with disabilities.KEDE actions will not be limited only to this TV message. We are convinced that by helping each other, no one will be left alone in the crisis. In that case, it will be of crucial importance for each of us to understand and respect each other’s diversity, by preventing the development of hurdles in the framework of the natural and structured environment.The participation and the cooperation of all of us is necessary in order to make this endeavor a successful one. In this context, concerning the configuration of the message, we asked for the consultation of the National Confederation of the Disabled and the Hellenic Paralympics Committee.The promotion of the message is quite important so as to formulate a “visibility” as well as to develop a sense of respect for people with disabilities and to ensure their accessibility to cities. See the link below :



Press Releases July 22, 2021
Meeting between the President of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou and the German Deputy Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr. Norbert Barthle

Mr Dimitris Papastergiou, President, KEDE: We are moving forward towards the institutional upgrade of the…

Press Releases July 09, 2021
Elias Mosialos answers the questions of the local authorities about the vaccination and how it can contribute to the treatment of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Online Initiative of the President of KEDE D. Papastergiou, As to inform the greek Mayors,…

Press Releases July 07, 2021
Statement of the Mayor of Trikala and President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities D. Papastergiou for the participation of Local Authorities in the national effort to strengthen the vaccination against covid-19.

With the staff and resources we had, but also taking advantage of the surplus of…