President Address

Address by the  President of the Central Union of  Municipalities of Greece, Mr Dimitris PAPASTERGIOU:

The Central Union of  Municipalities of Greece  is the “house” of  Local Self-Government.

Our Union provides an important tool  for every Municipality of Greece in the framework of which they may promote, facilitate and  demand for the benefit of the citizens.

KEDE is a melting pot of ideas, initiatives and practices supporting the municipalities to their task to improve  citizens’ daily life both  in the towns and  the villages of our country.

The Board of Directors ,of which  I have the honor to chair,is working to build a governance model where  every citizen may feel at ease to live in and  in an effective and efficient way  one may organize one’s life  within a modern society, where one’s problems may be heard and solved.

In parallel, we aim at the development of the towns and villages of Greece in alliance with  the new technologies and the green policy for more jobs and a better future for our  citizens.

We are fighting to achieve wider participation of the Local Self-Government in the financial programs, such as the new National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and the Recovery Fund, so as  to be heard and have control of projects that will change the image of our homeland, offering jobs  to the citizens who may  choose to stay at in their homelands.

At the same time we are developing digital tools that will bring Local Self-Government to the modern era.

We honor the citizens we represent , towards a better, more functional, friendlier and greener Local Self-Government.

Dimitris Papastergiou

President of the Central Union of  Municipalities of Greece

Mayor of Trikala