July 09, 2021

Elias Mosialos answers the questions of the local authorities about the vaccination and how it can contribute to the treatment of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Online Initiative of the President of KEDE D. Papastergiou,

As to inform the greek Mayors, on the real scientific data and

the necessity of the vaccination for COVID.


Monday 12 July 2021, at three o’clook, live on KEDE’s YouTube channel and on its website www.kede.gr


The Central Union of Greek Municipalities participates in the national effort to stop the fourth wave of the pandemic and to strengthen the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

In this context, on the initiative of the President of KEDE, Mr Dimitris Papastergiou, next Monday, July 12, 2021, at three o’clock, it will be organised an online information event adressed to the greek mayors, with the Professor of Health Policy of the London School of Economics (LSE) Mr Ilias  Mosialos as a guest and on the subject of real scientific data on COVID-19 vaccines.

The event will last 60 minutes and aims to provide valid and substantiated answers to questions posed by mayors, on an issue that concerns citizens across the country and directly affects not only public health but also social and economic life all of us.

Through the discussion that will take place, we will try to reveal truths and dispel myths and prejudices that have been created about the need for vaccination, as a necessary measure to stop COVID and deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

On the occasion of the organization of the online information event, the President of KEDE, Dimitris Papastergiou stressed that “it is important to protect public health and the lives of citizens, creating through the increase in the number of citizens who will be vaccinated in the next critical period, a effective immunity against the coming new wave of pandemic. Vaccination is the most powerful weapon in science against a virus that is constantly mutating.

Local government, as an institution closer to the citizen than anyone else, is coming forward again, making every effort to achieve the national goal of vaccinating as many people as possible, so that we can return smoothly to our economic and social normalcy, having previously built the necessary wall of immunity against the virus and its mutations.

The event with Professor Elias Mosialos is part of a series of informative actions undertaken in the next period by KEDE, with the distinctive title “KE. DE. Mou les ….”, which aim to highlight important issues concerning our local societies and are directly related to the operation of Municipalities.



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