February 01, 2022

Service on the spot in Sign Language at the Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) of the Municipality of Halandri.

Following the official receipt of the Greek Sign Language Diplomas by the four employees of Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP), the Municipality of Halandri takes the initiative to offer on the spot sign language service at the Citizens’ Service Centers, for the first time in Greece, in the context of the Inclusion Policy  of the Disabled, implemented gradually since 2014.The relevant diplomas were handed over by the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, in an event that took place at the Central Citizens’ Service Center of Municipality, in the presence of the mayor of Halandri, Mr Simos Roussos, the President of the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf ( OM.KE.) Mr Konstantinos Simpsis, the Deputy Mayor of Sports and Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP) Mr Haris Mavroudis, officials and executives of the administration.The four employees of the Municipality of Halandri who received their diplomas are Mrs Athena-Sofia Kollia, Mr Argyris Kapnisakis, Mrs Dora Spanou and Mrs Maria Stamoula, who described their experience of   learning sign language, as very important but also touching   for themselves.Mr Simos Roussos: “Priority to the equal treatment of our fellow disabled citizens”We should “thank ” a lot  the deputy mayor Mr Haris Mavroudis for the initiative and especially  thank the employees and the management of Citizens’ Service Centers who accepted the challenge for the process of two years’ training, with the main aim of offering  all citizens the services they are entitled to. Their decision to join the effort, systematically made since 2014, for the equal treatment of people with disabilities, is a touching one, representing an act of high symbolism.You are the other, the human face of the Public Administration, which is often attacked, and sometimes unjustly “, stressed the mayor of Halandri, addressing the employees of the Citizens’ Service Centers.” It is  certain that the inclusion of people with disabilities is and will remain a priority for the current administration of the Municipality of Halandri. “By ensuring the accessibility to our schools, sports and public spaces and the Rematia Festival, our intention is to make our ‘invisible’ fellow citizens, visible”, concluded the mayor of Halandri, Mr Simos Roussos.Following the  receipt of the diplomas, the participants had the opportunity to attend a presentation  of citizens’ service in sign language.It is noted that the service on the spot in sign language will be provided in two of the four Citizens’ Service Centers of the Municipality:► Central Citizens’ Service of Halandri (2 nd Gr. Gyftopoulou str.  & A. Gkini)► Citizens’ Service Center Metro (Halandri METRO)



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